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Lip conditioner

Lip conditioner

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My FAVORITE favorite thing I’ve ever put on my lips. Like LOVE this lip conditioner!!!
provide your lips with the essential hydration to keep them feeling and looking healthy.
•penetrates skin deeply for intense hydration, •preventing dryness
•maintains lip softness and smooth texture
•alleviates discomfort from chapping and dryness, promoting healing
•forms a barrier shielding lips from environmental factors, preventing chapping and damage.
•natural beeswax provides added moisture-locking benefits and protective properties.
Shea butter has a lightweight texture that allows it to absorb quickly into your lips without leaving behind a greasy residue, making it comfortable to wear throughout the day. It is also rich in fatty acids and vitamins, such as vitamin E providing intense hydration to the lips, helping to combat dryness and prevent chapping.

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