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I am McKynzie Karger, the owner of Sweet Lemon Seed Sisters Boutique.

Our boutique is named after my youngest daughter, she got the nickname Sweet Lemon Seed because of her pure blonde hair.

I am married to my elementary school sweetheart; Bubba, who is my biggest fan and biggest supporter! He has been the one to push me to where I am today! Together we have 3 children. Cali, Caden & Hadley who also are big supporters AND helpers in our boutique too ;) Every once in a while you’ll get a package all packed up by them with extra goodies and cards in it. They love to help out!

We started our boutique in 2019 and it has blessed me to be able to stay home and watch our babies grow while also earning income.

When you purchase from us, you’re not supporting some big CEO or a big box store… you’re paying for our meals, gas and mortgage.

We strive to carry GOOD QUALITY items, which reflects our prices, we don’t want to offer cheap items that don’t wash up well, or shrink 10 sizes when washed once… my goal is to get what you pay for! So rest assured you are getting GOOD quality items!!

We appreciate your support more than you’ll ever know. 🤍

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